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Well, I think habits are in deed a pattern. Either you have a healthy pattern or not? As easy it sounds!

I mean sometime people are not aware of what they do. They just do things without thinking to much, as they were in autopilot. Some of those pattern comes from family habits and your own personal culture. 

So I think, you should be smart and be vigilant to get to know yourself! Grow as a person. Meet more often yourself that you do with other people. Be your best date!

I suggest to take pen and paper and start keeping track on your habits. For example, write down a couple of them and think through which should be priority to understand better. You do not need to be fully aware of everything at once but a make a start point, in order to prioritize and from that expand to a fully version of yourself.

Remember the awareness comes after you gain some knowledge of yourself, using the basic tool of wondering and “trying to answer a question”.

“A good question lead always into a great answer

a bad answer guide you to a better question”

So do you have any opinion about this particular question? Let me hear it!

Keep it cool !